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"Repeat All" fails on Playlist

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BeitragVerfasst am: 07.09.2017 - 20:45    Titel: "Repeat All" fails on Playlist Antworten mit Zitat

1by1 v1.190, Windows 10 x64

I created a playlist by selecting files in the List and using the right-click function "Append to playlist file". I put the resulting .m3u file in the same folder as the music tracks (but get the same results below in other locations).

This playlist .m3u file opens OK in the List view, but not in the [Playlist] view. In fact nothing ever appears in the [Playlist] window unless I drag files into it... but I can't "Save" those as a playlist so don't see the use of this window.

••••> Whether the tracks are being played from the List view of the playlist, or from the [Playlist] window, "Repeat All" doesn't work. "Repeat track" does work. I very rarely use playlists and my only reason for creating one is to repeatedly hear a specific group of tracks, so I wish "Repeat All" would operate here.

Thanks for the great program (have donated a couple times over the years).
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